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4 Days in Swaziland

Uncategorized | 11 May

Swaziland. A tiny country with a big heart and some of the warmest, friendliest people I have met. A kingdom which embraces and upholds its unique ancient traditions which are typical of our unbiased African culture. I spent an eye-opening 4 days here, interacting with the local people and exploring the majestic mountains and endless valleys the country has to offer.



I was lucky enough to spend some time at the Mantenga Cultural Swazi Village in the famous Elzulweni Valley where the locals greeted me with a traditional dance ceremony.  Around the area there are some great swimming holes and waterfalls running off the mountains which make for a good place to explore and get lost in the thick forest!



The North Western part of Swaziland is unquestionably the most beautiful region of Swaziland, with rolling hills perfect for hiking and countless waterfalls, lakes  and sparkling streams. A highlight for me was a short trek to the Nansangwini bushman paintings which cover a grand rock overlooking the Nkomati valley.



As my 48th country visited to date, Swaziland was truly one with the most unique culture and inspiring heritage. After 4 days the Jonsson Journey has certainly left it’s mark here.  I will be back!