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A trip to the largest waterfall in southern Africa.

Free State, Lesotho | 29 August

After having a great breakfast with Laila and Faizal, I headed into Ficksburg town to get some blankets as I heard it was going to be really cold in Lesotho over the weekend. I crossed the border and headed to the factories to show the team the Jonsson Landy. I said a quick “hi and bye” and headed towards Maseru.

I got stopped at a few road blocks as the car was getting lots of attention- everyone wanted to know why I was in the country. I arrived in Maseru, got some food for the next few days, and headed into the mountains on a very dodgy road, but it was one of the best drives I have been on in a long time. The scenery was breathtaking and I just climbed higher and higher into the mountains, hitting about 3000m above sea level at one point.

The drive out, which is only about 100km, took over 3 hours. I arrived at the lodge, which was in the middle of nowhere and sat just outside of a town called Semongkong, where I met up with my friends and had a coffee and braai as the sun set over the hills. We watched the stars instead of the TV for the evening, with the fire on in the room, keeping us warm, and was out for the count at 8pm.


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