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A Visit to the Augrabies Falls National Park

Northern Cape | 15 April

My highlight of the Northern Cape leg of the Jonsson Journey was spending a night in the Augrabies Falls National Park. The name Augrabies originates from the KhoiKhoi, meaning “place of great noise.”

The grand waterfall lies within vast kilometres of the Green Kalahari region and is said to be the most spectacular moment in the 2000km progress of Orange River. Although it lacks the height and soul of Victoria Falls, at Peak flow it is an incredible sight to experience.  The atmosphere around the falls is particularly at its best at sunset when the sun shines into the gorge eluminating the rocks.



The landscape is scattered with various striking rock formations, such as Moon Rock photographed below.



Other interesting sites in the Park include Ararat and Echo Corner which are two great viewpoints for photographing the beauty of the Northern Cape landscape.



The best time to visit the Augrabies Falls is between March and May when temperatures are slightly cooler and the river is at its maximum flow.