Drakensberg Escarpment Hike

Last week I decided to hike up the Drakensberg Escarpment, which boasts some of South Africa's most spectacular mountain views. The hike leaves from the Sentinal car park in the Royal National Park bo...

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A day with the Smithfield Choir.

So I woke up, had my coffee to start the day and headed over to OVK where I was told that one of the workers wears Jonsson Workwear to his church group, who sing on Sundays. I met up with Annie and to...

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A long day on the open road.

Free State | 06 Sep

Today I woke up from my guest house just outside Aliwal North, had some coffee and watched the sun rise over the Orange River. Bliss! I headed out into town to meet up with Tenus, as I heard that h...

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A drive along the Maloti Route.

Free State | 05 Sep

Woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise over the golden gate National Park from my traditional Basotho hut and saw some amazing wildlife, from Zebras to rabbits and eland. We really do live in an amazing ...

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A Golden Gate experience.

Free State | 04 Sep

Today I woke up had a coffee and got ready to start the day. Sent some emails back to the office as well as catching up with some of the guys (in the office) who I haven’t spoken to in a while. I...

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The greater Ficksburg experience.

Free State | 03 Sep

Woke up after a freezing evening at the backpackers in Ficksburg, said goodbye to my friends as they were heading back to Cape Town today. Said my goodbyes and packed up, left the backpackers and wen...

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3000m – 1000m. An Epic Drive.

Free State, Lesotho | 02 Sep

Woke up to yet another chilly morning in Lesotho, packed up all my stuff and headed down to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast and coffee. Once I had settled my bill and headed into town to ...

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A trip to the largest waterfall in southern Africa.

Free State, Lesotho | 29 Aug

After having a great breakfast with Laila and Faizal, I headed into Ficksburg town to get some blankets as I heard it was going to be really cold in Lesotho over the weekend. I crossed the border and ...

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The Maloti Route- 500km later.

Free State, Lesotho | 28 Aug

Woke up again at 6am, packed up and left the guest house. I drove down the road and met up with Frikkie, one of the Sales Reps from Jonsson Workwear. We drove down to Aliwal North (a 200km± drive) an...

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Travelling in the heart of the Freestate.

Free State | 27 Aug

Today I woke up at 6am and met with Derek again. We headed out towards Welkom and stopped at Glen Agriculture College, where we found that they wanted new uniforms and that the current staff had Jonss...

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