Journey up Sani Pass

Last week I took a drive up the steep dirt roads of Sani Pass, rated one of the top 4x4 drives in Southern Africa. The rough terrain begins as you cross the South African border into Lesotho, and wind...

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3000m – 1000m. An Epic Drive.

Free State, Lesotho | 02 Sep

Woke up to yet another chilly morning in Lesotho, packed up all my stuff and headed down to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast and coffee. Once I had settled my bill and headed into town to ...

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A Sunday in the mountains.

Lesotho | 01 Sep

The start of the new month and the altitude started to get to me. Woke up with so much pressure in my head so I took some tablets and went back to sleep. The rest of the day I ended up working on my ...

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The morning after.

Lesotho | 31 Aug

I woke up with a fat hangover- clearly the altitude and the brandy was not a good combination! It was FREEZING cold outside and everything was still covered in a layer of white from the night before. ...

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Snow Day.

Lesotho | 30 Aug

Woke up after having a little sleep- in till 8am, went down to the kitchen and made some coffee and got ready to start the day. We decided to take the Jonsson Landy on a little 4x4 trip into the mo...

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A trip to the largest waterfall in southern Africa.

Free State, Lesotho | 29 Aug

After having a great breakfast with Laila and Faizal, I headed into Ficksburg town to get some blankets as I heard it was going to be really cold in Lesotho over the weekend. I crossed the border and ...

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The Maloti Route- 500km later.

Free State, Lesotho | 28 Aug

Woke up again at 6am, packed up and left the guest house. I drove down the road and met up with Frikkie, one of the Sales Reps from Jonsson Workwear. We drove down to Aliwal North (a 200km± drive) an...

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