The Himba People of Namibia

Namibia | 16 Jul

I was privileged to spend a day with the local Himba people of Namibia near Epupa Falls which run between the Namibian and Angola border. ...

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Etosha National Park, Namibia

Namibia | 04 Jul

I was privileged to pay a visit to the Etosha National Park this week which spans an area of 22270 square kilometres in North Western Namibia. The park is famously known for the great ...

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Harnas Wildlife Foundation, Namibia

Namibia | 27 Jun

Last week I spent a few days at the Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary, an entity established originally for the protection of animals but now includes welfare projects for nature conservation and education. ...

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Sossusvlei, Namibia

Namibia | 23 Jun

I have driven over 1500kms during the past few days through the desert regions of Swakopmund, Sossusvlei, Windhoek and Gobabis. After spending an afternoon fishing just outside Swakopmund, I headed ...

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Spitzkoppe and Moon Landscape, Namibia

Namibia | 10 Jun

The Spitzkoppe is a group of granite rocks, over 700 million years old, which are found in the Namib dessert near the coast of Namibia. The peaks stand out dramatically from the flat surrounding la...

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