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The Weekly Hamper Winners

Week 12

De la Harpe de Villiers

At the end of 2010, our family moved down to Franschhoek to start living our dream, Big Oak Adventures was the result!

Here at Big Oak Adventures, we run camps for people from all walks of life! We strongly believe that people need to EXPLORE and LEARN from their experiences… And then use their new knowledge to SERVE others!

We challenge people to live out their purpose rather than just doing a job to survive everyday…
We strive to…
See the good in others and share that with them
Take responsibility and make a difference
Respect others
Be committed
Never be afraid to ask for help

It is a huge privilege to work in nature, with people everyday! Most people we meet are just doing a job to survive… and they dream of ONE DAY! We made the jump! We are living our ONE DAY! From the start, Jonsson Workwear was our preffered workwear brand for our staff!


Week 12

Geoff Thomassen

As a pensioner, I am the voluntary environmental chappie on Scottburgh Golf Course. My passion is to rid this magnificent tract of land of the alien vegetation that has crept into the thick coastal forest areas over the years, stunting and even preventing growth of indigenous plant life.

A fellow volunteer and I have cleared the land of countless syringas, castor oil bushes, bugweed, chromalaena and lantana patches. Some of these are thick tree-sized plants requiring physical chopping and chemical treatment, some just require spraying, but the lantana is thorny, strong and widespread, requiring hacking and creeping underneath to reach the stems.
Our wives despaired of our torn and often bloodied clothes, and we were duly sent off to buy overalls.
We cannot believe the difference the Jonssons outfits have made to our lives. We have fewer scratches because the fabric is strong; when we do bleed, the clothes wash like a dream and they still look like new – no rips, no apparent wear at all! Importantly, they are not too hot to wear in this KZN South Coast humidity.
Our wives are happy. We are happy. We just wish our knees, shoulders and elbows would wear as well as our handsome Jonsson Workwear!


Week 11

Vere Ross-Gillespie

My Name is Vere Ross-Gillespie. I’m an aquatic ecologist working with GroundTruth – an environmental consulting company based in KZN, specialising in providing services related to water, wetlands, biodiversity and engineering. The nature of our work takes us all over the continent in order to help conserve, protect, and ensure that critical freshwater systems can function properly and provide the goods and services that the greater population, industry, and the natural ecosystems themselves so desperately need and depend on.

More specifically I work in the rivers themselves, focusing on the small aquatic invertebrates that do the hard work in rivers; breaking down decomposing matter, filtering, forming vital links in the food chain and maintaining overall balance. We monitor these small invertebrates in rivers around the country as they give us a general indication of ecosystem health and can indicate whether mitigation action is needed.
The work itself can be challenging at times, trekking through thick bush, traversing mountains and valleys to get to sites not many people know exist. Other times we navigate rocky or sandy river beds and wade through fast flowing rapids to collect our samples. The conditions can also be harsh, cold and dry when working in mid-winter versus hot and humid in mid-summer. Often we also work in highly polluted, degraded and impacted rivers. The work naturally requires rugged tough clothing that doesn’t tear or rip easily, is warm but also breathable and most importantly comfortable. Jonsson workwear supremely ticks all these boxes and is without doubt the best clothing I have used to date. Recently monitoring was needed on rivers facing potential impact from mining activities in the Lesotho Highlands. For this work, as per normal, we were dressed in Jonsson clothing from the cargo pants to shirts and jackets and as such were able to comfortably perform our work despite the fact that we were working at an altitude of 3200m in harsh, barren and icy cold conditions.

It seemed only fitting to use this opportunity to pay tribute to the quality of Jonsson Workwear.


Week 10


A year ago, we, the second year Geo-Information Technology students, from The Polytechnic of Namibia took a field trip of four days to the Water Berg plateau. We had to walk through the bush every day for the four days and took GPS Coordinates together with recordings of how dense the bush was at each point.
At first, I thought of wearing a pair of jeans so that my legs wouldn’t get scratches from the Haak en Steek bush, but my friend insisted that I get a pair of Jonsson pants. I bought a royal blue pair of Jonsson trousers and I was not disappointed at all. They were light, comfortable and no Haak en Steek thorns touched my legs!


Week 10

Anneke Mostert

My name is Anneke Mostert and I work for Rula Bulk Material Handling. We are a metal and engineering company and work on sites like Majuba, Matla, Lethabo and Bulawayo. Wherever Rula goes Jonsson goes with us. I wear a denim work jacket and trousers… and I LOVE it!

As we all know South Africa had a metal industries strike. Everyone else was in the metal industries strike but we here at Rula pushed forward. I can honestly say that, yes, it was because we appreciate what our company did for us as employees over the years, but the main thing we are glad about is the fact that our management orders our workwear from Jonsson. If employers like Rula and Jonsson strive to make sure that their employees are safe and comfortable, maybe there wouldn’t be any more negative strikes.


Week 9

Vincenzo Carrozzo

My name is Vini. I am 22 years old and I am a professional hunter, licensed in South Africa and soon, Tanzania.
Being a professional hunter requires you to be in the bush most days. It’s rough out there and thorn trees rip clothing to shreds! We walk through rivers some days, getting full of mud and dirt in extreme conditions.

I have hunted most of my life and I’ve tried most hunting clothing. It all gets destroyed in short time. And then I walked into the Jonsson clothing store in Modderfontien and saw the clothing on offer. The first thing I noticed about the clothing was the durability and strength. Not to mention it is extremely well priced. I bought clothing and headed up into Africa, knowing that I wouldn’t be let down.

After 2 months of hard hunting in the middle of nowhere which involved walking long distances through rivers and thorn bushes, I never had one item of clothing tear or rip or fade. I wore them every single day and they still looked brand new.

I have full trust in Jonsson Workwear for the job that I do. I love the clothing so much, I even wear it on dates! Not only is it strong and durable, but girls love a rugged man in cargo pants.

Thank you Jonsson for the best work/date clothing ever created!


Week 8

Brian Aldridge

I am assisting a PhD Canditate from UCT Zoology Department with the capture and study of Echolocation of the Geoffroys Horseshoe Bat. We row by boat into the cave in De Hoop Nature Reserve to collect bats which requires intense focus and hard work. We then take them back to the research chalet to study before releasing them late at night near the cave. It is a very messy, dirty business and my Jonsson pants are essential to get the job done well.


Week 7

Jason Borchers

My name is Jason Borchers and I am a matriculant at Weston Agricultural College. In my grade 11 year, we had a project where we went to the Royal Agricultural Show and had to compete and show our trained animals. We needed clothing and Jonsson Workwear rose to the occasion and very generously sponsored the necessary clothing to keep the students and staff looking neat and in uniform. The quality of the clothing is unbelievable, and we all wore our Jonsson Workwear with pride which put us ahead of the rest at the show!
Jonnson was also very generous and sponsored the school, hostel and farm staff with the necessary protective uniform suited for their everyday jobs.
Here I am pictured with two of our hostel maintenance men holding and wearing some of the clothing we’ve been given.



Ashley Theron

I am a fire crew leader on Mabalingwe Nature Reserve just outside Bela Bela. Our whole fire team wears Jonsson Fire Retardant Workwear. When fighting a fire in the bush, one tends to get countless cuts and scratches from the trees and small thorns dig into your flesh, which at times aren’t easy to remove. The heat can really get unbearable and these clothes have helped to prevent injuries from happening and made the heat so much easier to bear. The bush and animals on the reserve are our treasure and heritage, and protecting these is our passion. Thanks to Jonsson Workwear for playing a huge role in our safety.



Sean Hensman

I work with hundreds of people every week so have to look smart, yet my work is demanding as I work outdoors with 5 wonderful elephants at Adventures With Elephants in Bela Bela, Limpopo. My Jonsson Workwear definitely rises to meet all the demands I put on it. I look smart all day long while my clothes protect me from the elements and strains that one can encounter when working outdoors with the ellies.

My uniform inspires me to put my best foot forward daily, for my guests as well as the elephants.



Bruce Hedges

My name is Bruce Hedges, from Durban, Kwazulu-Natal. I am a Professional Wildlife Photographer and Professional Hunter.

Together with my business partner, we run Clarke Safaris, a safari company that takes our clients to the wildest parts of Southern Africa on hunting, fishing and photographic safaris. Living the outdoor lifestyle requires tough, rugged workwear and we rely on Jonsson (Workwear Depot in Springfield) for ALL our uniform. Everything from socks and shorts, to shirts, fleeces and jackets, you name it, we wear it proudly.

After returning from extended periods in isolated places in the wilderness, it’s always a pleasure visiting Workwear Depot to see what new products are in stock. They also do all our embroidery, always ready the following day which is amazing service. Jonsson Workwear we salute you!


Week 3

Sinethemba Jakavula

I’m a 28 year old, from Peddie – a rural area in the Eastern Cape. Agricultural Science was the subject that I enjoyed most at school and I practiced it at home, farming chickens and goats. After school I was fortunate enough to study Electrical Engineering. After working for a while, I decided to follow my passion, which was farming. I started with boilers, and now I‘m doing egg production. I started selling eggs and chickens to people around my community for a year, and then decided to grow my business. I registered my business and logo and approached the local shops to market my produce. A huge milestone in my business was coming across Workwear Depot which sells strong workwear, crucial for my business environment.

Jonsson Workwear allows me to look professional and the part. People know my product and I am inspired to continually grow my brand.


Week 2

Sipho Khumalo

I’m from Johannesburg and I work for Mugg & Bean at Carlswald, Midrand. I have been very fortunate to work for some popular restaurants in this country. My journey with Jonsson Workwear started four years back when I was working for Spur restaurant. I have witnessed the great project change from our uniform before to the current Spur uniform which was tailored to fit and fill all of our needs. The quality and design really did bring out the best in us. As I continue my journey while wearing Jonnsson Workwear at Mugg & Bean restaurant, I manage to look professional every day and absolutely love my job.

The woman pictured with me here is my colleague and friend Veronica.


Week 1

Faizal Soosiwala

I’ve basically been overweight all my life, so naturally finding clothes has always been an issue. You don’t get what you want and eventually wear some tent like t-shirt and faded blue jeans or buy something you don’t really like. I became sick of this but nothing could be done. Then one day I was going to the bank in Springfield, Durban and I saw a Workwear Depot. I decided to step in and have a look. I was totally amazed at what I had seen in front of me. It was the most amazing shop that I have ever been in. But that wasn’t it. The salesman (Richard) approached me with a smile and asked if he could help me. Being a first time customer, he showed me around. I left with R1700 worth of clothes – colours that I liked and styles that leaner guys wear such as cargos, t-shirts and golfers! It felt awesome! People complimented me on how good I looked and even my clients were amazed at the difference. I now go to meetings with clients looking the part. I even wear my Jonsson stuff to weddings and wait for the compliments. I’ve since started dieting and I’m starting to lose weight. My confidence has increased a lot! Jonsson footwear is great too and I brought a pair of Chelsea boots for half the price of everywhere else. Jonsson is the best thing that could have happened to me and I go to the Workwear Depot once or twice a week just to have a browse. It’s an amazing place. Thank you Jonsson Workwear. Keep making real men’s sizes and keep up the amazing quality and prices…You Rock!!!