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The Maloti Route- 500km later.

Free State, Lesotho | 28 August

Woke up again at 6am, packed up and left the guest house. I drove down the road and met up with Frikkie, one of the Sales Reps from Jonsson Workwear. We drove down to Aliwal North (a 200km± drive) and met with 2 customers along the way. We stopped off in a little town called Smithfield where a massive protest was being staged and I managed to get some great shots.

I then drove down through the valleys into the Eastern Cape and arrived at Aliwal North where I met with 1 customer. After having some lunch I got a call from Faizal saying he was staying in Ficksburg for the evening, so I decided to drive the Maloti Route along the Lesotho border and meet up with him for some dinner and a visit.

The trip ended up being over 500km but was a great day of driving along the Maloti Route (one of the best drives in southern Africa that hugs the Lesotho border.) I arrived in Ficksburg at around 16h00, checked into my hotel, had a shower and waited on their arrival.

We had a nice relaxed evening as well as an early evening. So good to have a nice home cooked meal again and also a veggie boost.

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