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Snow Day.

Lesotho | 30 August

Woke up after having a little sleep- in till 8am, went down to the kitchen and made some coffee and got ready to start the day.

We decided to take the Jonsson Landy on a little 4×4 trip into the mountains and to also go see the largest waterfall in Southern Africa. After an awesome drive we headed back and saw a massive storm approaching over the mountains, we were told that Saturday was going to be -11 so this was the cold front approaching.

Headed back to the room and watched, as the sky got darker. Then at around 5pm just as the sun was going down it started to snow! It was amazing to be standing in the snow for the first time with it falling on me. Went back to the restaurant, had some brandy and cokes and an awesome oxtail for dinner.

Got back to the room and went to see the Landy which was covered in snow, I got some awesome photos and also attempted to create some snow angels, which turned out to be an epic fail.