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The morning after.

Lesotho | 31 August

I woke up with a fat hangover- clearly the altitude and the brandy was not a good combination! It was FREEZING cold outside and everything was still covered in a layer of white from the night before. Wow!

I went down to make some breakfast and met up with my friend just before he left to do the absail of the largest waterfall in southern Africa! I took a drive to the viewpoint to see it unfold and walked down into the gorge, as far as I could.

The wind had stopped but there was still a bite in the air. I then headed back to make some lunch and the temperature started to drop. By late afternoon it was -9 and by the evening it hit -13.

I decided to have a braai for dinner and went back to the dorm to put the fire on and wrap myself in lots of blankets. The sky was so clear so I quickly jumped at the opportunity to get some shots of the stars from around the dorm.