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3000m – 1000m. An Epic Drive.

Free State, Lesotho | 02 September

Woke up to yet another chilly morning in Lesotho, packed up all my stuff and headed down to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast and coffee.

Once I had settled my bill and headed into town to fill up the car with Diesel before taking the hectic drive back to Maseru. The petrol pumps were being pumped straight out of a hole in the ground! I was thrilled that I got to experience this little town before the tourism boom hits it.

I took the 100km dirt road back which took just under 3 hours passing over 3000 meters and I could still see some of the snow on the mountains, from the previous few days, and watched the epic scenery pass by. I made it into Maseru just after lunch time and decided to take my friends to Maputswe to see the Jonsson Factory Shop.

We then crossed over into Ficksburg and back into South Africa and headed to the backpackers in town. Went to get some dinner at the Impereni Hotel, had a cold beer and was in bed at 8pm, the weather meter had already hit 2 degrees, so got ready to tackle the cold evening ahead.