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The greater Ficksburg experience.

Free State | 03 September

Woke up after a freezing evening at the backpackers in Ficksburg, said goodbye to my friends as they were heading back to Cape Town today.
Said my goodbyes and packed up, left the backpackers and went to OVK to check out the store and see where the new Jonsson Zone is going to be located.
I filled up the Jonsson Landy with Diesel and headed into town to grab some breakfast at a local coffee shop.

I decided to take a drive around the outskirts of town and see if I could find any people wearing Jonsson Workwear, the first guy was walking down the road towards a local dump site and was looking for a job, got a few photos of him walking in the road.

I then headed down a road off my GPS for 30+ km and found some sheep farms.
The first 3 didn’t have any Jonsson products but the 4th one did, I found out that the guys go over to Lesotho to buy their Jonsson clothes.

I then headed back to Ficksburg, drove up to a view point over Ficksburg and Matupswe and then made some lunch in the forest. I then headed back into town, booked into a Guest House, had a bath, washed out my dreads and caught up on some work. I then watched a bit of telly and was done for the evening.