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A Golden Gate experience.

Free State | 04 September

Today I woke up had a coffee and got ready to start the day. Sent some emails back to the office as well as catching up with some of the guys (in the office) who I haven’t spoken to in a while.

I filled up the car and left Ficksburg and headed towards Bethlehem via the back farm roads. I found a guy in Rosendal walking down the road wearing his Jonsson clothing looking for a job, so got his photograph and moved on through some great landscapes.

I stopped in Bethlehem for some lunch and made my way to the town of Clarens, got some meat and braai wood and headed into the Golden Gate NP, I heard about this Bastho Cultural village from a tourist information center I visited earlier in the week, so decided to go check it out. I arrived and was shown around a set up village- setting, from the 1600’s to the 1970’s depicting traditional life and how it had evolved and its many different influences.

I ended up drinking some local beer, eating some of their food and also watching the local musicians have a go on a home made rum and accordion, it was a good evening and is highly recommended. I then drove down to my hut where a lady met me and handed over my key, out of the 40 huts on site only 3 were occupied so I felt very alone and at one with the environment around me.

I then decided to put the fire on and make my braai. I had some chops,a small piece of fillet and a piece of butternut wrapped in tinfoil and thrown onto the coals. I watched the sunset over the epic landscape of the Golden Gate NP and watched the stars in the evening with a cup of milo. I’m really lucky to have been given the opportunity to experience days like today.