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From Port St John’s to Coffee Bay

Eastern Cape | 10 December

The day started swiftly at 7am, with the rain still pouring down, I packed up my stuff after grabbing some breakfast and headed out into the Eastern Cape. Destination: Coffee Bay.

My GPS routed out the ‘quickest way’ for me to get to Coffee Bay, which ended up being the longest route. Despite the lengthy drive, I got a chance to travel through some amazing back-roads in the Transkei. As I was driving I happened to meet some people dressed in Jonsson Workwear, one in a town along the way and another, walking his sheep and goats, in the middle of nowhere.

After the long drive myself and the Land Rover made it over the last few hills and there it was… The ocean, the clear skies and Coffee Bay!

My accommodation for the night was called The Coffee Shack which ended up being a hidden gem in the Transkei. I was warmly welcomed by both the staff and the other guests and before I knew it we were playing beach cricket, chilling on the beach, having a swim and relaxing.  Dinner was some well-cooked fresh fish, which was the perfect end to a fantastic day.

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