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Good sport and good weather.

Northern Cape | 07 October

Back on the road, this time to Kimberley for the Griquas Golf Day. The days are finally getting longer and I arrived while the sun was still shining. I took a nice, relaxing drive, enjoying the quiet roads as the next day was a public holiday. I woke up quite early on Tuesday morning, Heritage Day, to the sight of half of the guests who were staying at my B&B, wearing traditional clothing and beads, which was AMA-ZING. I then headed west towards Bloemfontein and finally reached my long- awaited destination… Kimberley.

On Wednesday morning, the 25th, I woke up bright and early and drove down to the golf course to meet with one of my colleagues from the Jonsson Workwear head offices. The Griquas Golf Day began at around 11h00 so we parked the Jonsson Landy around the 18th hole, which ensured that everyone got a chance to see it. It was then time for some late breakfast done Jonsson Journey style! I got out the skottle and whipped up some bacon, egg and mushroom rolls, under the trees… Magic! The games ended around 18h00 so we dashed directly to the prize- giving. After that was done I met with some friends from Workwear Depot and Jonsson Workwear.  We relaxed, had a few cold ones and enjoyed the rest of the evening. After a few drinks and a great day of golf, I decided to call it a night.

According to the manager of the camp-site, it hadn’t rained in that area in months BUT just my luck, two hours after arriving, it started to rain, and the rain continued until I woke up the next morning! So I packed up the tent (still wet) and headed back to Kimberley. While jamming out to a good tune at the traffic light I saw a man selling newspapers, wearing Jonsson Workwear, so I quickly pulled over to get his story.  I then headed into the city where I saw some brick layers also wearing Jonsson Workwear so I stopped, had a chat and got some amazing photos of them in action.


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