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Jonsson Journey to Shakaland

KwaZulu-Natal | 22 April


As a company which was founded and is based in Kwa-zulu Natal, Jonsson Workwear is proud of its cultural Zulu heritage. I decided to take a trip up to Shakaland this weekend to learn more about the traditional Zulu culture, seeing as I am originally from the Western Cape which is Xhosa based.

Shakaland is a traditional Zulu homestead which was originally built as a film set for the movie Shaka Zulu in 1985. It has been turned into a preservation site which allows locals and tourists with an appreciation for history and different cultures to stay in an authentic recreation of King Shaka Zulu’s Great Kraal with tradional Zulus while experiencing their incredible culture.


I was really lucky to experience spear-making and throwing, a traditional beer drinking ceremony as well as spending the morning with an African “sangoma” or witchdoctor as we call them.



The highlight of the day was the singing and dancing ceremony which takes place after sunset as you walk through a fire-lit pathway and into a grand beehive hut. Feeling the beat of the African drum vibrate though every inch of my body reminded me of the pride I have for my African heritage and amazing continent.