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Journey to Namaqualand

Uncategorized | 04 April

Over the past 2 days I have driven form the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town to the small Town of Springbok, in the Northern Cape. Beginning in the bustling city, surrounded by high-rise urban-structures, the red Landrover has made its way up the N7 through the beautiful Cape Mountains into the arid, desert landscapes of the Northern Cape.

The Jonsson Landrover on one of the long dessert stretches of road


Namaqualand, in the Northern Cape is a semi-desert environment, which is transformed in the spring into an explosion of colour. I visited the Namaqua National Park, 103000 hectares boasting over 3500 plant species, of which 1000 are found nowhere else on earth.

The Namaqualand area prides itself on the spring flowers which bloom between June and September every year. Unfortunately I was just too early to witness this botanical masterpiece as it is said to be a show that is unrivalled anywhere on earth. The drive from Cape Town is roughly 540kms and would make a perfect getaway for a few days.


The route I took from Cape Town up to Namaqua National Park


Tortoise crossing