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Journey up Sani Pass

Last week I took a drive up the steep dirt roads of Sani Pass, rated one of the top 4×4 drives in Southern Africa. The rough terrain begins as you cross the South African border into Lesotho, and winds its way up some of the most dramatic mountain escarpment you will see in your lifetime.


The drive takes roughly an hour from the border post to the top of Sani Pass, climbing up 2865 metres. You’ll want to stop at the many view points along the way so be sure to give yourself time. On arrival you will be welcomed by the most breathtaking view overlooking Lesotho and South Africa from the famous, highest pub in Africa!




I spent the night at the Sani Mountain Backpackers, a great spot in and amongst the locals of the area which boasts an incredible African sunset.



A Basotho local wrapped in a traditional blanket

The Basotho culture differs greatly to it’s surrounding country, South Africa. Because the country is so isolated by its mountainous terrain, its traditional Bantu and African culture is still strong, especially in the ‘highlands’ which comprise about 70% of the country. Although the country is poor, the people are unbelievably friendly and content with a simple way of life.