Jessica the Hippo

| 28 May

Toni and Shirley Joubert found Jessica 14 years ago when she washed up outside their house during one of the worst floods the Limpopo and Mpumalanga area has ever experienced. She had been pre-maturely born, and was extremely weak so Toni and Shirley hand raised her in their house. While living with them, Jessica broke 5 beds and 4 couches! To this day she still sleeps on the veranda outside their house when not with the other hippos in the wild.

Tony used to be a field ranger and used to cull animals in Zimbabwe for a living. He said that Jessica was a sign to stop what he was doing and he has completely fallen in love with the beautiful creature. Tony and Shirley now run a business where people can come and interact with Jessica while learning about the hippopotamus. They also work closely with national Geographic and Animal Planet inspiring the world to protect the species.