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Namaqua National Park

Jonsson Journey | 04 April

Lonny Kordon is a local in the area around Namaqua National Park. During the springtime, the park boasts some of the best fauna and flora worldwide. Lonny helped turn the park into a tourism destination 30 years ago with the owner of the farm he was working on. He is originally from Kamieskroon, a 20km drive away, but after his hard work and efforts in creating the park he was given a piece of land for him and his family so that he could live and work there full time. Lonny is a bricklayer by trade and assists with the mechanics on the farm, and has now been given the important job of managing the part time farm workers. He is very proud to have owned his Jonsson Workwear jacket for 8 years and takes pride in wearing Jonsson Workwear as it makes him feel like an asset to the business.