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Our Legacy Hunter

To embark on an extraordinary campaign like this, we needed to find an extraordinary person.

We found this person in Kyle Mijlof.

With a spectacular story of his own,this 24-year-old Capetonian has traveled around the African continent twice capturing our continent in its raw and vulnerable beauty. His photographic style is discreet, intimate and raw; and he has the rare ability to capture images that are unbiased, real, and natural.

Through his unique and unimaginable experiences, Kyle has a remarkable story to tell, and this is just the beginning for him.

With his immense talent and ambition, Kyle endeavors to capture the world through an honest lens, and to share with and touch the human race with his experiences.

Kyle epitomizes our brand and what we stand for, he is a true man of passion, integrity and purpose.

Explore some of Kyle’s remarkable past work on his travels through Africa and Asia below.

Kyle Mijlof’s Facebook Page

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