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The San Bushman of the Kalahari

Botswana | 12 August

After visiting the town of Jwaneng in Botswana, I made my way to the Botswana Tourism Office to ask for the whereabouts of the San Bushman who live in the Kalahari district of the country. I was pointed in the direction of a town called Ghanzi, in the North West region of Botswana.

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I arrived in the afternoon and was offered two places to stay, one being a 5 star resort with bushman living on site and one, a local Bushman village. Naturally I went for the local one. I spent 2 incredible nights in the village, sleeping in an authentically made Bushman hut and experiencing this unique way of life.

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During my stay I witnessed a traditional Bushman shaman trance dance around the fire, a ritual of the ancient culture. I also went for a “walkabout” through the natural bush and learnt how we as humans can live off the land.

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Around 55 thousand Bushman – the largest population left in the world, can be found in Botswana. Others can be found in neighbouring countries including, Namibia, South Africa and Angola.