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View from the Road

Northern Cape | 07 April

View from the Road

From Namaqualand I set off North on a 496km drive to Augrabies. Although the scenery along these roads was very dry and barren, I came across some incredible sightings.

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From far this floating nest looked like a UFO. I had to look twice to realise that it was indeed a nest built on power lines. The little birds that create these masterpieces found throughout the Northern Cape, are called Versamelvoëls. This is an Afrikaans name and can be translated in English as “Sociable Weavers,” due to the fact that up to 400 birds can live together in one nest.


The Northern Cape is also famous for its Kokerboom Trees which, in English are known as “Quiver Trees.” The tree is part of the aloe family and has the ability to store water in its stems and leaves, helping it survive the harsh, dry Northern conditions. In the past, locals hollowed out the soft branches and used them as quivers for their arrows, hence the English vernacular name.

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