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What is The Jonsson Journey?


This word encapsulates the essence of the Jonsson brand.

It describes the way that we work at Jonsson – purposefully with clear goals and intentions.

It defines how our garments are designed and created – purpose-made for the environments in which they are used.

It encapsulates the people who wear our brand – regular people who live their lives with purpose every day.

Fueled by our belief in the African continent and our love for its people, we are embarking on a 9-month journey around southern Africa to find and capture stories of people living with purpose, while wearing Jonsson Workwear.

Our journey will be captured through the lens of photographer and adventurer, Kyle Mijlof, or as we like to call him, our ‘Legacy Hunter’. Armed with a Land Rover and a camera, Kyle will embark on a journey of a lifetime capturing stories of everyday unsung heroes, who are driven with purpose, and dressed in our brand.

Join us as we discover stories of hope that inspire greatness…

Everyday stories of power that drive us to be better…

Stories of triumph that motivate us to live with purpose…

Testaments of joy that encapsulate and celebrate the uniquely African soul.

Come and share in this incredible journey with us!

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