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Who is Jonsson Workwear?

All people have the right to be clothed in protective workwear of high quality.

This is the belief upon which our brand has been built. It is this belief that gives us purpose, and it is this belief that has driven us to become Africa’s leading workwear brand.

Our story of purpose has seen our brand evolve into a revolutionary workwear-focused business, supplying quality, strong and durable garments to local and international markets. The Jonsson brand has become one that is close to the hearts of thousands of Africans, providing them with a diverse range of quality workwear that empowers them to perform to the best of their ability and work towards their goals every day.

The pioneering mindset behind our brand is the key driver of its continuous success. Whether it is the innovative design of our garments, or our unique approach to marketing, we endeavor to constantly grow, evolve and challenge the market.

To discover more about our brand, please visit Jonsson Workwear

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